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Bee father

Название:Bee father
Продавец: saxsten [Информация о продавце]
Товар:Файл: Bee father 7.ex4(16 Кбайт)
Описание: Bee father

Bee father can be of great help to novice traders.

Purpose: automated trading on Forex market via MetaTrader 4 trading terminal. The Expert Advisor supports build 600 and higher.
Expert Advisor type: intraday trading. From 1 to 3 trades daily.
Recommended leverage: 1:100.
Recommended minimum deposit: $300 for 0.01 lot and Risk =2.
Quote type: 5 decimal places (for example, 1.23429).
Money Management: the Expert Advisor automatically reinvests, increasing lot depending on the growth of your deposit.
Currency pair: EURUSD.
Used timeframe: M30.
External indicators are not used.

The Expert Advisor algorithms manage market price changes. Despite the fact that the Expert Advisor works on М30, it controls market prices on Н1 as well. Of course, the trading robot is able to work on Н1 and М15, but the results will be bad, since the first built-in algorithm is designed for М30, while the second one - for Н1. If the Expert Advisor is placed on some other timeframe, the first algorithm has no effect.

Opening and closing are performed only if the correlation is present between the two built-in algorithms (for M30 and H1). It is widely known that the market is flat 70% of time and trendy 30% of time. During the trendy periods, the Expert Advisors may have some small losses. The additional algorithm limiting the losses is provided in the product for such situations.

Trading settings: provided for EURUSD. For best results, it is recommended to perform optimization at each tick on M30 for the last year.


Working pair - EURUSD, timeframe - M30.

Trade - If true, the Expert Advisor defines the number of lots for trades on its own. If false, the number of lots for trades is not defined.
Risk - Risk parameter. For brokers where 1 lot = $100 000, Risk should not exceed 2.
Lots - Lot size. If Trade = false, you can specify the lot on your own.
P - Built-in МА period. Optimal values: 91, 95.
Stop - Stop Loss. If 0, the stop loss is not placed. The Expert Advisor defines the value on its own.
TakeProfit - Take Profit. If 0, the take profit is not placed. The Expert Advisor defines the value on its own.

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